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Space CAMP (Commercially Augmented Mission Platform) Rapid Software Development Intern

Space CAMP is an Air Force development organization that continuously develops and delivers software to front line Space Operators where no software has gone before. We’re offering you the opportunity to work in the innovative Space Research and Development ecosystem of Catalyst Campus, getting hands-on experience with cutting edge technology, lean principles, user-centered design and eXtreme Programming (XP). Apply to join Space CAMP and spend your summer building software to solve our nation’s toughest and complex space operations challenges. As a Space CAMP Software Engineering Intern, you’ll be: 1) Implementing user stories from the backlog, 2) Practicing Test Driven Development (TDD) and Pair Programming. Space CAMP Software Engineers always pair with another camper when implementing a story from the backlog. This spreads context and eliminates knowledge silos. Engineers write tests before they write production code. Testing first gives our Space CAMPers confidence and keeps them focused. Since engineers work with a balanced-team approach, they provide inputs on complexity and architecture decisions to the product team members. The internship is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The work schedule is Monday – Friday. 30 to 40 hours per week. $20 per hour. What does a summer at Space CAMP look like for you? Get ready to Design, develop and deploy apps with a focus on high availability, low latency, and scalability.o  Build and operate deployment pipelines.o  Collaborate closely with other engineers and become a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional teamo  Take operational responsibility for the services that are owned by your teamo  Work in an environment that supports your individual growth. Continuously improve your product and give users the software they LOVE TO USE!What does a Space CAMPer look like?

  • You are comfortable writing Java or Javascript.
  • You enjoy paired programming and working on a balanced team.
  • You still believe Pluto is a planet.
  • You are interested in keeping up with current Software and DevOps best practices in your areas of expertise.
  • You are experienced working with modern infrastructure and tools
  • You know and care about TDD, continuous delivery, and automated testing.
  • You have a good understanding of algorithms, databases, design patterns, and understand how to apply them.
  • You can develop empathy with your users.
  • You are comfortable pairing and collaborating with other engineers.
  • You have experience with API Development.
  • You are a U.S. Citizen and can obtain a U.S. Security Clearance.


  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Experience in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Game Design and Development, Systems Engineering, Computer Security, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, or related technologies
  • Interest in innovative computer science concepts and DevOps
  • Experience in Linux, Windows and iOS environments
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Current enrollment in an undergraduate degree program in Engineering or Business Innovation
  • Continued part time support available during the fall and/or spring semester

Application Instructions: Please send your resume to by March 15, 2019 along with a copy of your transcripts, one letter of recommendation and a 300 word statement on what User-Centered Design means to you.

Space CAMP is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action program. Our team is committed to making employment decisions based on valid requirements, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability or any other status protected by state, local or federal law. For more information, please visit


Catalyst Campus is a research and development campus focused on aerospace and defense technologies headquartered in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. The vision of Catalyst Campus is to create an economic development “cluster” to expand the aerospace and defense industrial base in Southern Colorado through a collaborative infrastructure platform that supports entrepreneurs and small businesses. This unique, cluster environment stimulates economic growth and accelerates the development of new companies; promotes industry innovators, entrepreneurs, and start-ups; supports business training and workforce development; offers access to an applied research and development laboratory; and provides business development, support services and venture capital investment to accelerate innovation and the commercialization of technologies. Visit for more information.


The Center for Technology, Research and Commercialization is a Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, founded for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. C-TRAC’s wide-ranging efforts include assisting with the commercialization of government-owned intellectual property, as well as creating opportunities for collaboration between industry, academia and government researchers that contribute to Southern Colorado’s growth as a hub for the aerospace, defense and cybersecurity industries. Visit for more information.

Junior Web Developer

  • 6-Month Contract with Opportunity for Full-time Employment
  • Pay Range: $4000-$5000/month based on experience
  • Location: Colorado Springs/Phoenix
  • Contact:

C-TRAC is seeking a Junior Web Developer for a 6-month contract to support commercial web development.

We are looking for a self-motivated and driven person who is able to work efficiently and independently to take our web development team to the next level. This position would work closely with web designers and developers on our team to produce functional, responsive, and beautiful websites for our clients.


  • Work closely with team members to build and maintain websites
  • Work independently and meet deadlines set by project managers
  • Write code that follows current web standards
  • Develop websites that mirror the mockups provided by the web designer
  • Introduce and implement innovative techniques and technologies
  • Collaborate with the web development team
  • Contribute innovative ideas to enhance the user experience


  • 3-5 years web development experience
  • BS/BA degree in Computer Science, Web Development, or related field (or equivalent experience)
  • Advanced Ruby on Rails experience
  • Highly efficient in Javascript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS
  • Familiarity with Drupal 8
  • Highly efficient Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • Understanding of responsive web design techniques
  • Strong understanding of current web standards and best practices
  • Experience with Github
  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills
  • Strong ability to self-motivate
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Demonstrable past performance – please provide samples of prior work

Interested? Email a cover letter and resume, including links to your work to:

About C-TRAC

The Center for Technology, Research, and Commercialization (C-TRAC), housed at Catalyst Campus, in downtown Colorado Springs, is a 501(c)(3) that has technology transfer and transition as its primary focus. C-TRAC is a nonprofit organization that facilitates collaboration between businesses, academia, and government to solve problems allowing you to secure your technological advantage so you can focus on your core mission.