One Partner. Many Paths to Collaboration.

Accelerator Programs

C-TRAC’s experience in recruiting commercial companies with technologies well-positioned for government use has naturally led to accelerator programs. These programs provide both the exposure and curricula needed to prepare companies to rapidly develop and deliver solutions to the government customer.

C-TRAC partners with Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation (CCTI) to host these programs on campus and to facilitate development of accelerator programs nationwide.

Design Thinking Workshops

C-TRAC hosts human-centric design thinking workshops to aid our customers in properly defining and refining their problems, then finding real, workable solutions. Design thinking can save businesses and institutions vast amounts of time and money which might otherwise be wasted chasing down the wrong solution.

We have facilitated design thinking workshops for government, commercial, and academic clients. These workshops typically last 1-3 days, depending on the scope of the problem set and the number of participants. C-TRAC can host these events at Catalyst Campus or facilitate off-site.

Showcases and Demonstrations

Rather than trying to seek out technology developers and vendors one-by-one, C-TRAC brings the best-of-breed all under one roof to showcase and demo directly to the customer. These are typically half-day to one-day events hosted at Catalyst Campus, but events can be facilitated off-site as well.

Recruiting and Teaming

Whether seeking subject matter experts or organizational teaming opportunities, C-TRAC stands ready to open up our Rolodexes, utilize our network, and bring together the best fitting persons and organizations to meet our customers’ needs.

Commercial Augmentation

Our commercial augmentation programs utilize the speed and ingenuity of industry to provide rapid, innovative solutions to government and military problems. These augmentations may be virtual, such as software development, or physical, such as rapid prototyping solutions.

Innovation Competitions

When individuals, innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups compete for sustaining prize money, you win. C-TRAC is able to host both on-site and virtual prize competitions, and can facilitate the planning, duration, recruiting, and budgeting aspects of the competition.

Marketing, Design, and Web Development

C-TRAC provides expert graphic design and web development to both commercial and government customers. Our marketing staff has experience in a variety of formats, including direct mail, brochures, postcards, posters, digital art, trade show collateral – whatever you may need to promote your efforts.

Our web development team builds modern websites, utilizing best practices and DoD compliant security where needed. This is a great option for small to medium-sized organizations who do not have this expertise on staff.

Proposal and Content Writing

By the nature of our business, C-TRAC often provides content for websites, marketing collateral, press releases, articles, white papers, etc. We also have expertise in writing responses to RFIs, RFPs and grant proposals. All of these services are also made available to businesses, government agencies, universities and other organizations.